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How to Make Change

How to Make Change

Leadership - does it feel impossible?  Exciting?  Reserved for the chosen ones?  


High School Workshop

$12-18 (More information)

How to Make Change is an inclusive, creative and fun new workshop by the Whitlam Institute designed for the conscious, the committed and even the hesitant leader.

02 9685 9788 or


1)      Welcome – Acknowledgement of Country

2)     Harnessing leadership potential: Students will be invited to         consider their core personal values and will think creatively and concisely about how they would like to present themselves in a short biography activity.  

Through a secret envelope task, students will name the strengths they see in other students and reflect on their own potential as leaders.

3)     Mapping Change within Australia: Students will be taken on a short tour of the building with a focus on the Female Orphan School, Rydalmere Psychiatric Hospital and current home as the Whitlam Institute.  Students gain a provoking initial reference point to reflect upon the major points of change within Australia.

4)     Where are we now? Through a short video presentation and post-it note challenge, students are invited to reflect upon the complexities, challenges and opportunities that are occurring today. Through this session students will mind map local issues in groups and begin to name ideas for change.


5)     Leadership Styles: Students debate the characteristics and definition of leadership. They are required to defend their position as well as persuade those on the other side of the debate to come to their side. Students will discover the many different forms and styles of leadership, and be given time to consider what style of leadership both excites and aligns with them.

6)     The Whitlam Legacy and today: Through interacting with the Whitlam Institute's permanent exhibition, A Changing Australia: The Time of Gough Whitlam, students will discover key policy areas of the Whitlam Government and take part in an exhibition quiz challenge.

Program Cost

The Whitlam Institute seeks to maximise access to this program, and can work with you on the arrangements for your visit. As a not-for-profit organisation, we consider student numbers and other program elements to facilitate access for students.

Get in Touch

To discuss the program or make a booking, contact Education Officer Matthew Meagher: 02 9685 9788 or

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Praise for the Whitlam Institute's Civics Education Programs:

"…a perfect start for encouraging students to start thinking about issues in their lives and communities and what they can do about it" 

"It fills the educational gap that is not covered in the curriculum."

"This is the best platform to give children a voice, at school we are so busy with curriculum and we can never have discussion like this, to explore what matters to children, it is good for their wellbeing and they feel that they are important and they are being heard."