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How to Think Big


How to Think Big

What would you change if you were Prime Minister? What do you think adults need to hear?

Primary School Workshop

$12-18 (More information)

How to Think Big is an invitation for young people to reflect, dream and consider the type of world they would like to inhabit.  This interactive workshop invites students to find out more about themselves and understand the value of using their voices.

02 9685 9788 or


Workshop One: What Matters?

1)      Acknowledgement of Country

2)      Introduction to the What Matters? writing competition and workshop including three primary school finalists talking about what matters to them.

3)      How can we change our world? Images and video presentation to get students thinking about abstract concepts of peace, love, friendship, freedom, danger, the environment, charity, voting and protest.

4)      Conversation starters around What Matters?  These are used to get students talking with each other about issues that affect their lives.

5)      Finding personal values through pictures activity.

6)      Voting Station – The voting activity asks students two basic questions: What do they like about living in Australia? What would they change about living in Australia today?  Students learn through experience about secret ballots.  They respond anonymously and are encouraged to write absolutely whatever they want.

Recess break

7)      Prime Minister for a Day - ideas, thoughts, questions, statements and insights will then be drawn together into imaginative posters, with students invited to share what they would do if they were Prime Minister for a day. Students grapple with turning an issue they care about into a slogan and spend time representing their idea visually. Students use collage and a range of craft materials and consider how to use them to best communicate their message.

Lunch break

Workshop Two: A Changing Australia

8)      Tour of the historic Female Orphan School.

9)      Introduction to A Changing Australia: The Time of Gough Whitlam permanent exhibition. Students are introduced to key changes within the Gough Whitlam Government.

10)   Seek and find activity: a really interactive and fun activity as students take mini whiteboards and answer as many quiz questions as they can.

11)   Dress up and peaceful protest activity: Students dress up in 1970s clothing and agree on the topics of their protest. Then we march out into the university and chant!

Program Cost

The Whitlam Institute seeks to maximise access to this program, and can work with you on the arrangements for your visit. As a not-for-profit organisation, we consider student numbers and other program elements to facilitate access for students.

Get in Touch

To discuss the program or make a booking, contact Education Officer Matthew Meagher: 02 9685 9788 or

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Praise for How to Think Big:

"…a perfect start for encouraging students to start thinking about issues in their lives and communities and what they can do about it" 

"I loved everything, the protest, the What Matters? activity, the building, location, the exhibition centre, hands on activities, that's how our students learn."

"It fills the educational gap that is not covered in the curriculum."

"This is the best platform to give children a voice, at school we are so busy with curriculum and we can never have discussion like this, to explore what matters to children, it is good for their wellbeing and they feel that they are important and they are being heard."